VQ35DE Wiring Harness Services (RWD)

The following list contains information about VQ35DE (RWD) wiring harness conversions. Note: *Requires NATS removal, which costs $450*. For the “Universal” applications, these are for non-specific chassis and we only supply four wire leads: ground, 12V, 12V switchable, and fuel pump. For specific chassis applications not listed, Nissan or otherwise, you must call for a quote.


+ NATS Removal



Additional information regarding wiring harness service of Fever Racing's VQ35 Swap:

In the late 90's Nissan, as did all other automobile manufacturers, was moving towards new solutions to auto theft problems in the USA. One of the ways they did this was to add security programming into the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that runs the engine. It used to be for the engine only but as technology improved so did the processing ability of the ECU or "computer". The modern ECU's control nearly every aspect of the car''s electronics. All types of systems are controlled in some way by the ECU. Nissan uses a CAN-BUS system that basically takes all the data coming into the ECU for the gauges and then turns that info around and sends it to the gauges. Things like water temp, oil pressure, speed, and tach signal are all sent from the ECU to the gauges. They no longer are directly linked to the engine's sensors or to the transmission for speed reading. In fact, the new transmissions don't even have speed sensors on them. The ABS (Automatic Brakes Control System) has sensors at all 4 corners that send readins to an ABS control unit and to the ECU. The ABS control unit takes this square wave signal and calculates it's ratio and from that generates the actual speed of the vehicle.
Nissan's security system that is built into the ECU is called NATS (Nissan Anti-Theft System). It is an advanced multi-random code hopping alarm system with anti-towing sensors, high-powered siren and electronic override touch key. They can be deactivated by a plug-in dongle, touch key, card, but most modern cars have a chip built into the key that is programmed to your vehicle that says you can start the car with it. Any other key, whether it fits the door or ingition, and does not have this gadget will not work. In the 03+ Nissan line-up of vehicles the ECU must see this signal but so does the IPDM (Intelligent Power Distribution, Module), the BCM (Body Control Module), and the NATS control module. What this means is that if you want to run a Nissan VQ35DE engine into other type of car (like a 240SX or 240Z) you will need to have the ignition key, ignition switch, FM Antenna modulator, the NATS module, the IPDM, the BCM, the ECU, and all the wiring harnesses to each of these (almost every harness in the car) and they all have to be taken from the same donor car. Then you need to wire them all into the car you are building. That is a LOT of work!
All of these components are looking for the same key code and are linked together. If any one of them does NOT see the code from the uniques key then the engine WILL NOT START! That prevents people from stealing cars but it also prevents us tuners from easily transplanting the powerful VQ35DE engine into our tuner cars.
Until now, the only other solution was to buy an expensive stand alone system like the AEM fuel manegement ECU system. They run around $2000 for the base ECU. Then you will need to buy the map sensor, coolant temp sensor, air temp sensor, and figure out how to wire the ECU up to the VQ's EFI harness. Then you need to make a custom intake pipe that you can atatch a cable driven throttle body (TB) because the newer cars are all "Drive By Wire". Which means the TB is electronic and is controlled by the stock VQ's ECU. The newer TB's have step motors on the side of them that open and close when they receive variable voltage signals from the electronic accellerator pedal (shown below)
350Z accelerator pedal assembly:
The Electronic Throttle Body:
by way of the ECU. In short, when you hit the gas a voltage signal is created. It goes to the ECU, the ECU then accepts that signal and according to the way the ECU is set up it then calculates how much the TB need to open and then sends a voltage signal to the TB. It opens and you take off!!!!
Aftermarket ECU's do not have the drivers in them to control electronic TB's at this time.
Realizing that Nissan has used the VQ35 in 8 different vehicles produced since 2002 and that the VQ35 will be highly sought after in the coming years we set out to figure out how to transplant this engine into older Nissan vehicles. We figured out how to go into the ECU and and maniputalate it and shut off the NATS programming alltogether. Once this is accomplished the ECU will not need signals from the IPDM, BCM, ignition switch, FM modulator, or ignition key. We are able to then rewire the engine's EFI harness and run it directly to the ECU. We will need the accelerator pedal in order to make the "drive-by-wire" TB work. We also like to add to the harness an OBD-II plug so that diagnostics are still available to the end user. We can also tune the ECU through the OBD-II port.
So, this is what we need from you if you would like us to provide you with this harness and NATS removal service:

* The VQ35DE EFI wiring harness
* The VQ35DE ECU (The ECU has to match the harness you are sending us)
* The accelerator pedal from any VQ35DE powered Nissan vehicle (Not a 2.5L, 4.5L, or 5.6L)
* The harness plug to the accelerator pedal you provide us along with 6" of harness (just cut it out of a parts car)
* An OBD-II plug w/6" of harness cut out of any Nissan vehicle 96 and newer
* The EFI wiring harness from your car (The car the VQ35 engine is going into) The OBD-II
Here is a typical OBD-II plug:
If your ECU has 2 plugs and looks like the one above it is for the VQ35DE. If it has 3 plugs and looks like the one below then it won’t work for the VQ35DE. It is for the VQ35HR.
What we will do is remove the NATS, rewire the EFI harness, add the OBD-II plug, add the accelerator pedal with enough harness to reach the driver's side of the car, and add the dash plug that connects your car's ignition to the ECU so that the engine will start when you turn the key and it will accelerate when you hit the gas pedal. You can now run and drive your car with the VQ35DE engine installed (you are responsible for making it fit into the car obviously).

You still have to contend with the gauges. THIS HARNESS SERVICE DOES NOT RUN YOUR GAUGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Finished Product:


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