LS1 Wiring Harness Services

The following list contains information about LS1 wiring harness conversions. For the “Universal” applications, these are for non-specific chassis and we only supply four wire leads: ground, 12V, 12V switchable, and fuel pump. For specific chassis applications not listed, Nissan or otherwise, you must call for a quote.


Engine Chassis Price
LS1 – cable TB 510 $400
LS1 – cable TB 240Z $400*
LS1 – cable TB 280Z $400*
LS1 – cable TB 280ZX $400*
LS1 – cable TB S13 $400*
LS1 – cable TB S14 $400*
LS1 – cable TB Z32 $400*
LS1 – cable TB Z33



LS1 – cable TB Miata $400*
LS1 – cable TB RX7 $400*
LS1 – cable TB Universal $400*


*This is a universal set up without gauges working

** functioning gauges add $500 for the wiring and it will also need a timing plate for the front pulley with the OEM VQ35DE crank sensor mounted to the engine. Also extra!

Drive by wire, add $200

*** All LS swaps require tuning to the OEM ECU for VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) removal… This costs extra!


Engine Chassis Price
LS2 - DBW 510 $400
LS2 - DBW 240Z $400*
LS2 - DBW 280Z $400*
LS2 - DBW 280ZX $400*
LS2 - DBW S13 $400*
LS2 - DBW S14 $400*
LS2 - DBW Z32 $400*
LS2 - DBW Z33



LS2 - DBW Miata $400*
LS2 - DBW RX7 $400*
LS2 - DBW Universal $400*


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