LS1 Swap Packages

Over the years we have become well recognized as one of the premier Nissan tuners in the country. We have been building, repairing, racing, and tuning Nissans for almost 20 years now and have been highly published in many national magazines.

We perform many different engine swaps on all different Nissan platforms, specially the 240SX. Widely chosen because it is light, RWD, has independent suspension, and parts are readily available. These facts make it a great drift car. When you drift you need power and although the stock KA24 engine can be made to put out decent hp numbers it doesn’t lend itself well to constant beatings associated with drifting.
One of the newest swaps that have gained popularity is the Chevrolet LS1 V8. It produces 405hp stock! More than enough hp to easily navigate a drift course and produce a ton of smoke! The following is an outline of cost for this swap package. We can also install this engine into the 240Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZX, Mazda Miata, and Mazda RX7 FD3S (93-98) but pricing is a little higher. Use this as a basic guide outline but call our Sales Rep for specific cost of your project.
Used LS1 engine set (Includes: engine, wiring harness, all accessories, T56 trans)
Custom made a/c lines
Custom engine mounts
Custom driveshaft and transmission mount
JBA Headers (which need to be modified to fit) Walbro 255 fuel pump w/ install kit
C5 Corvette fuel filter and regulator
Full 2.5” custom dual exhaust
Dakota Digital speedometer convertor
Pontiac GTO LS1 oil pan (or custom oil pan)
Aluminum radiator
Dual Electric fans
Custom Clutch Line
New clutch kit
Custom made driveshaft
And here is the finished product:
Cost of Swap (basic):
Used Low-mileage LS1 engine set $5000
Labor for swap incld wiring $4000
Air intake w/ filter $100
p/s line $150
a/c lines $250
Headers $600
Fuel pump $105
Exhaust $350
Speedometer converter $100
Fuel filter & Reg $85
Oil pan $300
Aluminum radiator $250
Electric fans $160
Clutch line $65
Driveshaft $400
Oil, coolant, filters, misc $200
Total cost of swap $12,115
Oil filter relocation kit $249
FAL fans (add) $150
Upgraded cam and springs $600-$900
Add labor (6 hrs) $500
Custom aluminum oil pan $500
ROM tuned ECU $500
Upgraded Iridium spark plugs $14 each
Performance heads $2200
Aluminum Flywheel $495
SPEC stage 3 Perf clutch $598

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