We had a customer bring us an 03 350Z and he wants a truly unique set up. It is getting an S14 SR20DET. We are fully building the engine, making a top mount manifold (custom) with a Garrett 3076 (GT30R) turbo and 850cc inj's. our goal is to do something no one has done before though. We are keeping the OEM drive by wire set-up from the 350Z and running a dual ECU set-up. This will allow us to manage the engine as well as to maintain the VTC, traction control, cruise control, and all factory gauges. The S14 ECU does not run can-bus but the 350Z's does. This is a cool build. I hope you like it.
Here are the pics as it is coming together.

 and here are all the parts we are using to build the engine:

850cc injectors

New OEM S14 oil pump

New .20 over CP pistons

 New HKS 264 step 2 camshafts

New Supertech performance spring and retainers

New Cosworth 87mm x 1.1mm metal head gasket

New SCAT forged rods

New ARP head studs

New ARP main studs

The engine has been sent out, hot tanked, bored .20 over, and honed. The crank was polished and balanced.

The head has been completely reconditioned and the new springs, retainers, and cams are installed.


And of course, this is the heart of it all... the Garrett GT30R (3076) fully ball bearing beast. This power plant should make an easy 500whp on pump gas.
I know that some people will not like this build because we have taken out a perfectly good running VQ35 that we could have boosted and made 400whp or built and gotten more than 600whp. All true, but we have done 100 350Z's just like that. This is something unique that you won't see 50 of at a car show. And the way we are doing it is truly inspiring. I don't think anyone has maintained all the OEM functionality of the gauges and drive-by-wire.

We have finally built the engine and are getting ready to install into the chassis. Here are pics of the engine build:

Installing the Supertech springs and retainers

The powder coated S14 valve cover. It is polished then black satin coated

Now we are putting the bottom end together with all new pistons, rings, main bearings, rod bearings, ARP's and metal head gasket:

New performance oil pump gears:

Then we installed the front timing cover:

Then we installed the ARP head studs, Cosworth head gasket, and cylinder head. Along with in the intake manifold, valvecover, and custom made exhaust manifold:

Here are the engine mounts we made for this build:

And here is what the engine looks like in the car

Here is the VQ35 drive-by-wire throttle body installed onto the S14 intake

We are using a Greddy VSPL front mount intercooler and have it mounted already

We started making the turbo manifold today. Using T304 stainless 1/2" flange we made and schedule 10 T304 stainless bends

We went ahead and threw my ITS T72 on it just so we can see how cool it looks.

More pics to follow...

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