Hi Doug, I know you’ve had tons of customers over the years, but we all think were special, so I hope you remember me. My name is Ivan Lopez and I'm really happy to see you're still around doing your thing. I was one of your first customers, way back when you started. I remember you had a piece of covered slab in the back of a little shop in a towing yard around Hillsborough and Memorial. You first did the timing belt on an automatic red 85z I had just purchased that ended up having a bad trany. We hit it off and you worked on every other Z I had after that (all 5speed per your advice). Last I spoke with you was around 1998, I had moved to Orlando and towed my black 87 for you to fix. You replaced the engine with an 89 one you had in a newer shop close to Dale Mabry. I have a kid now that’s about to get his license and wouldn’t you know, he loves the old Z31 too. I just got him an 87 turbo for his first car and we’ve been tinkering with it, getting it ready for him. While digging online for misc parts, I came across your website. It put a smile on my face to see how much your business has grown. That's it man, I just wanted to drop you a line to express my genuine satisfaction in seeing you go from where we met, to where you are now. Congratulations and I hope you keep on growing. If you’re ever in Orlando, drop me a line and the first round is on me. Sincerely, Ivan
Alice Fisher's 1991 Nissan 300zxMy Beauty: 1991 Nissan 300ZX!  He's a Beauty...        My White Arabian Stallion, Aramus. Actually, he is a 1991 Nissan 300ZX. I had owned a 1992 prior, and it was stolen and wrecked. My buddy Doug at Z Fever in Tampa knew what I wanted. One day he called and said, "Alice, I found your white stud." ...Guys! He was right. I love this car so much and look forward to a collectible plate someday! All you kids out there, stop trying to race me. I'm in for the long haul in my stallion. THANK YOU! Alice Fisher
Vq35de in S13 1st startup! Thanks to zfever in Florida. They provided the ECU NATS delete and Custom Wire harness to make it all plug and play like any sr20det or RB series motors. The new ecu's have security built in them to make put the engine in failsafe (RPM limited to 2500) if a system is un accounted for. They really hit it on the head. Now go out there and find your vq35 and talk to Doug at (813) 877-7600. He has more details on this swap. I HIGHLY recommend working with them. The mount kit came from vqswap.com but I don't recommend them. zfever.com (should be sxfever tho. FTW! :-p) Anonomous
Hey Doug, This is Jason Franklin. I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how impressed I am with you and your shop. From the moment I called you I got the sense that you knew exactly what you were doing and were the guy I needed to help me with my project. I spent a great deal of time researching the web to try to figure out who best to help me and I am very happy that I found you and chose your facility. My G35 coupe isn't a Porche or a Ferrari but to me it is perfect, I just wanted it to be a bit more responsive and still be reliable. I knew I wanted to boost it and when I looked at spending an extra $10k on my car I coundn't afford to have someone screw up my car. I needed it to be done correctly the 1st time with out failure. You really helped me to find the right kit for my needs. The APS twin turbo kit works great and the build is exactly what I wanted. The 550whp really makes my G scream! It has been installed for 6 months now and I get compliments all the time on what a clean install it is and how fast my little sleeper is. I can't thank you enough! Keep up the great work! I am truly glad I spent the extra time and money to ship my car to you. There are guys in my state that could have probably done the install but they certainly wouldn't have been able to tune it like Martin did. That guy REALLY knows how to tune a VQ!!! He was a joy to watch. Thanks for letting me be there for that. See you soon, Jason Franklin
Hi Doug, Thanks for evaluating my about-to-be purchased 350Z (Brickyard red-black) last Friday . You and your staff are expremely helpful and knowledgeable. I look forward to having great fun with my Z and working with you in the future. It has been with Carmax (Clearwater) since Wednesday for the minor work, including that pull to the right.  They didn’t do an alignment readout, but merely pulled out a nail in the right front tire and swapped it with the left front. Incidentally, while I was looking for 350Z or Z car videos on You-Tube last night, I came across one that featured you.  You were wearing the same T-shirt as last Friday!  Hahahaha. Please tell me what other cool stuff I can find on the Internet about Z cars. Thanks again. Rich Nauman
Doug, I just wanted to thank you for the great service on my 2003 350Z. You definitely helped me out and gave me a great price when you didn't have to. I'm really glad I called you. Thanks! I will definitely be back for any service I need. Mike Tischler
I am currently a very satisfied Z-Fever customer. In January 2009, I spoke with Doug on the phone regarding the possibility of having a turbo installed on my fully stock, 2003 Nissan 350Z. Because of Doug's pleasantness on the phone, and willingness to answer my numerous questions, I decided to drive over and check out the shop. One hour later, I gave the go ahead for Doug to begin the process of installing a Turbonetics single turbo kit on my car. I also purchased a Z-Fever designed exhaust (at cost with no additional labor charge) and a TurboXS Utec tuner. The baseline dyno was 239 HP and 230 torque at the wheels. Not bad for a stock engine. However, after the fabulous installation and tuning performed by Martin, the end result was a little over 400 HP and 400 torque at the wheels. Although the sound from the engine is somewhat higher in the cabin (which is to be expected), it is not so loud that it interrupts my driving experience, or forces me to raise my voice to speak to a passenger. I need only to turn the radio volume up slightly. In fact, in 4th gear and up (when driving under normal conditions), it is difficult to tell the engine has been upgraded. She purrs like a kitten. Additionally, when I am not driving under boost conditions, the car feels like a normal-daily driver. However, I love knowing that at any moment, with just a push of my foot, the kitty will roar, and roar she does. After two weeks of driving my car post turbo installation, I am very happy with my decision. Overall, the service experience at Z-Fever was great. I learned that with this type of installation, you have to have a little patience (e.g. parts do not always arrive when expected, some parts might not be delivered at all, etc.). When problems occurred, Doug and Martin worked to find solutions as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of the work (which is the most important factor). I dropped by the shop periodically to observe Martin work on my car. It was obvious that he treats each customer's vehicle as though it was his own. In the future, I plan to take my car to Z-Fever for other necessary work (e.g. basic maintenance, upgrades, etc.). For me, it is important to have technicians who are knowledgeable, have great reputations, and perform quality work without cutting corners. Dee
To the crew of zfever just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you've done for me on my r32 s13 240 even though we've had are rough moments in the past and all you still have a good customer who will always come back to have work done by you guys and as well as recommend customers to you and again thanks for the appreciation and the bad ass ride you guys built for me sincerely a valuable customer. Keith Telven
Great job on doing the TWIN TURBO swap on my car. I really enjoy driving it more now that it is faster. 100% improvement on the take off. I will definitely bring my car back for more up grade. Thanks again to you and your staff for a great job done on my car. Please let me have the address once you move to your new location. I will bring my car back soon for more up grade. Sarayuth Sornpanya
The techs at ZFever: Martin and Doug, know their stuff and are honest! Jason Luke
ZFever simply kicksass! 400 Horsepower in my 90 300zx TT. Nick Patros

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